Serving Dolce - Dolce Wine

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Serving Dolce

With its subtly silky texture, bright acidity and lithe body, Dolce will highlight every friendly occasion, by itself or with a multitude of culinary complements. Read about the myriad ways to enjoy the experience that is Dolce.


A wine as complex and concentrated as Dolce shows its best in just the right stemware. A fine, smooth crystal stem with a bowl smaller than typical white wine glass—but larger than a Port glass—and a tapered mouth is ideal, allowing Dolce’s ethereal aromas to waft out of the glass.

Serving and Cellaring Temperatures

Contrary to popular belief, the finest white wines—including Dolce—are best served at cellar temperature, about 57–60 ºF, to emphasize the wine’s aromas and flavors.

Dolce is fully capable of aging and evolving for decades. Cellar Dolce laying on its side to keep the cork moist with wine. When kept at consistent cellar temperature of 57–60 ºF, with proper humidity—but not high enough to promote mold growth—Dolce will age gracefully for decades to come.

Serving Sizes

Dolce is best savored in small doses; a two- or three-ounce pour is appropriate when serving with food, or all alone. A typical half-bottle of Dolce will serve about five people, but in the tragic case that you don’t finish the bottle, replace the cork tightly, store on the refrigerator shelf, and the wine will save and drink beautifully for at least two weeks.